The State is now pushing for Marry Mubaiwa to be detained after two State doctors gave conflicting evidence about her readiness to stand trial.

Physician Charles Nyamukachi has said she was fit to stand trial.

“My examination took almost an hour and I think she would be in a position to be able to stand trial from what I saw".

But psychiatrist Fungisai Makombe-Mazhandu said Mubaiwa was not fit for trial.

“Mubaiwa was suffering from depression, those were my findings. She is not able to stand trial. At the time I saw her, she had difficulty in concentrating and she failed to fully follow what I was asking her.

The prosecutor filed an application to have Mubaiwa examined by prison doctors, which means that this would have to be carried out while she is locked up in prison.

Ncube postponed the matter to today for ruling.