Enzo says he is now in a happy place after some fans helped him buy a new car and setting up a business where he is now earning a salary.

“When I made the decision to quit, I did not know that I had such a great impact on people’s lives. The support that I got after I quit music is overwhelming. Many have reached out to me offering to help in any way, and right now I am happy to have companies that I am building and can sustain my family.

“I am getting free services from well-wishers to boost my business. As we speak, I have an architect I am working with designing a 3D model for the war field. Moreso, one of my biggest fans paid the best therapist, some have helped me buy a new car. I am also getting building material and I am now earning a salary.”

I am just fulfilling some obligations with my fans, not that I am back in the studio and that music is my full time profession, no it is not, I am now centred on business and I am happy that I am financially and mentally stable. I thank those who helped me.”

“For now all I can say is that since I got the help that I needed, it’s only fair that I give my fans what they have asked for, that is my return,” he told The Herald