One of the Zimbabweans who was recently deported has been attacked after he left quarantine.

Bruce Mpofu was beaten up while getting some food from a shop. Mpofu's best friend, John Priestley informed The Telegraph and Argus that: "He got out of the quarantine hotel on Sunday and went to grab a bite to eat from the shop on the Monday and he was attacked."

"Bruce doesn’t know much about the attack, he was assaulted when he wasn’t looking and whoever did it left quickly, but he could barely open his right eye due to swelling, bruises and has a few other more minor bruises.

I think his Yorkshire accent was a giveaway, if anyone wants to target those that have been deported, it's not difficult to find out."

Mpofu is now staying in a hotel with a relative who has travelled from South Africa, whilst he looks for work and permanent accommodation.