Police have said that deportees from the UK will be allowed to reintegrate into society freely since they did not commit the crimes in Zimbabwe.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told The Sunday Mail: “Our duty as the Zimbabwe Republic Police is to maintain law and order. We only come in if they have committed any crime. However, the issue of these deportees is being handled by relevant government Ministries.”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade acting spokesperson, Mr Livit Mugejo, said the number of deportees coming from the UK was just a fraction of those being received from neighbouring countries.

“There is nothing unique in the deportations,” said Mr Mugejo. “South Africa last week deported 220 Zimbabwean citizens, including some who were released from jails. This category of deportees from the UK is different from voluntary returnees, who are our citizens who opt to come back home on their own.”

However, despite having to live with the painful reality of returning home forcibly with only a few personal possessions, they are not being plunged into Zimbabwean life uninsulated. “Zimbabwe cannot refuse to accept its citizens and will welcome them back into the country.