A Zimbabwean woman has been arrested in India with 2,91kgs of heroin.

The Narcotics Control Bureau suspects that Sharon Chigaza was a frequent flyer to India. She was intercepted at Kochi airport while she transited to New Delhi via Bengaluru and Kochi airport on Saturday evening. Sharon had started her journey from Johannesburg in South Africa.

“She admitted to interrogators that she has been to New Delhi and Bengaluru before. She didn’t know that the consignment she handed over to persons in Bengaluru and New Delhi contained drugs. However, this was her first visit to Kochi. She is suspected  to be the member of a drug smuggling syndicate which is active in the country.,”  said a Kochi airport official.

“An investigation is on into the source of the heroin. Based on the quality of the contraband seized, it  must have originated from Afghanistan. Most likely, the African drug cartel was the main supplier. We suspect that the drug was to be supplied to someone in Bengaluru. After handing over the consignment to an unidentified person in Bengaluru, the accused was to proceed to New Delhi where she would have received the remuneration online,” an NCB official said.