Njuzu is involved in another nasty break up after her less than a month relationship with Serge Caponge, the South African blesser collapsed.

Serge reached out to Loveness Samas and said that Monalisa stole his US$8 000 watch before fleeing to Zimbabwe, a claim that has been rubbished by Njuzu. She said Serge is so broke he cannot afford to have any expensive watch. But Serge insisted that he has made a police report and Njuzu would be arrested if she ever returned to South Africa.

He said he met Njuzu in a mall in May and within one week he had moved her into his house. He said he dumped her because of her wayward behaviour, her lies and constant presence on social media. Njuzu claimed that she was pregnant and Serge took her to a doctor who confirmed that there was no pregnancy. The final straw, according to Serge, was when Njuzu asked her to pimp her to one of his rich friends. “That’s when I told her to leave my house.”

Serge also revealed that the house Njuzu stays in was rented by her ex Nigerian boyfriend for one year in Harare.