A tearful Bev says her husband is an abusive, womanising control freak who was juggling 50 women at one time.

She said her UK based husband always accused her of cheating on him and yet he was the women wooing women on Facebook. “Ndine 50 vandakabata muphone make,” she said, adding that he has been sending the women money while she struggles in Zimbabwe. She has been financially depended on him ever since Covid hit but he has not been paying rentals for the past two months.

Bev said she now wanted out of the marriage and was ready to navigate divorce courts. She said he lied to her from the start, telling her that he had only two children when, in fact he had five with different women.

Bev said she was keen to join her husband in the UK when he married her but he never submitted the visa papers. With no qualifications to her name, Bev said she was now seeking any job, including being a maid in foreign lands until “mabhawa avhura.”