Ruvehenko has spoken about her marriage which is ending in divorce. She told the She Glows Africa Magazine : “Hahaha I wasn’t married for long at all. I’ve been single longer than I was married. So the question really should be how did I ever transition into marriage.

The transition from living as an individual to a partnership comes with its challenges, but also with its security. Teamwork is beautiful, having someone always who is your own in all ways, is God sent, so being alone is a little challenging because there’s no-one to catch you or hold you or dream with you.

So I have learned to be alone without feeling lonely. Some days are busy, so I don’t notice, then other days I wonder what everyone who has a someone is doing. The desire to love, for me, is greater than the desire to be loved. We are raised as African women, to be nurturers, wives and mothers, all our lives, its what we are prepared for, so there are days when one feels lack when there’s no-one to cook for, fuss over and generally honour and make memories with."