Ms Shally says she regrets ever going public with her relationship with the Hell Commander.

She told Miss V Candy in an interview that the Simba Mbizvo she fell in love with was very different from the Hell Commander. “I learnt the hard way with Simba right, aka the Hell Commander, the Simba I know, listen,I am now telling the truth, I know people might start shouting at me in the comments, but lthe Simba I know he is not the Simba that comes up on social media. He is not.

When I went public, I actually got to know the Hell Commander, you understand. The way I am separating the two brands. Because Simba is the man I fell in love with and then the Hell Commander, I was also getting to know him the same time you guys were also getting to know him on the internet. Simba and the Hell Commander are two different people. I was also in shock. I was like who is this person who goes on live, who are you. Simba is very respectful. You will not even think he cheats.

Guys when it comes to love, love can make intelligent women stupid, don’t fool yourself. Don’t bring your degrees and intellectual world into love. If I had kept Simba private I would never have met the Hell Commander I am telling you. Simba is an amazing man, Simba is extremely respectful. I am not involved in Hell Commander. Hell Commander scares me. I also got to know him through the internet.

Me I do not know this man. I was not in a relationship with Hell Commander. Me I was in a relationship with Simba. The Hell Commander is something else.

When Simba did what he did I was mad. This Hell Commander is too much work. He will kill me with blood pressure.” That is when she left him. She said they were now cool and talk everyday. She was asked about Njuzu. She said she respects her hustle.