Leo Mugabe has blasted President Mnangagwa and his government telling them to go to hell after Grace was summoned by Chief Zvimba over Mugabe burial.

“No one will force us to change even if they come up with many court cases. They can go to hell. Our position as a family is that we will not entertain this issue. We buried Mugabe and that’s all. This person who is complaining is not part of the family and we don’t know why he is doing that.

“We don’t know why the chief is summoning Grace on his charge sheet. Grace is not a Mugabe, she is an in-law in the family and the decision to bury him was a Mugabe family decision.

“In any case, what will happen even if the complainant wins the case? It is an exercise in futility because as far as we are concerned, we are done and nobody can force us and we cannot say he was buried in a house when we all know he was buried in a courtyard.

“Had we gone to the National Heroes Acre he was going to be buried in a proper room they call a mausoleum and was the chief going to summon President (Emmerson) Mnangagwa over that?”