Trevor Mbizvo aka Hell Commander says he has been wowed by the beauty of this woman, Farah. She said she stays in Zimbabwe but is in Mozambique at the moment.

“Uyu kungotaura naye for a week ndotenga lambo, she is really beautiful. You are really nice. She is my type. Look at her. look at me, tikamixer,” he said on Instagram.

Farah said she was single but not searching to which Trevor Mbizvo also said he was also in the same situation. He was asked by Styllz if Njuzu’s pregnancy was real. He said “pregnancy iripo.” Farah said Hell Commander has got trailers behind him. He joked “I’m trailerless.”

He said he did not believe in weddings but for Farah he would make an exception. Hell Commander who said he was in Zimbabwe this week said people should forget about what he had said about Zimfit as this was the real deal.