A married mother of three based in South Africa stands accused of snatching another woman’s husband in South Africa.

Brenna Hove Madzungwe (39), a DJ who is legally married to Morgan Madzungwe, is said to have snatched Blessmore Charumare (28) husband Tatenda Adam Mbabvu (33).

Brenna confirmed dating Mbabvu for three years.“Blessmore learnt of my relationship with Mbabvu on my Facebook page and quickly exposed me to my husband by sending the photographs to him. She came to my place accompanied by her friend and I do not know how she came to know my place.

“She claimed that she was pregnant and Mbabvu had dumped her, but I doubt if she is truly pregnant. I confronted Mbabvu over his affair with Blessmore since I have been dating him for the past three years and he described her as his mistress he enjoyed unprotected sex with during the time I returned home to my family.

“Irked by Mbabvu’s decision to dump her, Blessmore exposed my photographs with Mbabvu to my husband. My husband shocked me when he sent messages addressing me in Mbabvu’s name and the issue even reached my mother-in-law.

“My mother-in-law phoned me enquiring about the new husband as well, and I saw it best to live with Mbabvu.

“I am legally married to Madzungwe and blessed with three children. The first born is 20-years-old and Mbabvu has two kids. I do not see myself returning to Madzungwe anymore following this and Mbabvu has since started introducing me to his relatives,”  Brenna told H Metro

Blessmore said Brenna’s affair with Mbabvu had brought untold suffering to her.

“Brenna lured my husband with money she received from her husband for her studies and Mbabvu is no longer coming home. The situation is tough considering that Brenna came into my life when I had conceived and lost a job.

“Brenna mukuru chaizvo kumurume wangu pazera asi chembere iyoyo yaparadza imba yangu nekuda kwenzara yekuda bonde. Out of anger, I searched and discovered that Brenna was legally married and has been receiving financial support from her husband.

“Ndakamutsvaga paanogara sezvo akaita chikoro chehu DJ ndikamuudza kuti aparadza imba yangu sei uye ndiri kurarira mhandire chaidzo, chibage chakakangwa nekuda kwake.”

Mbabvu, a bus driver who plies the Harare-Johannesburg route said :“I fell in love with Blessmore and we had a one-night stand and she cannot claim to be my wife.

“I have been dating Brenna for three years and I do not want any more questions about this.”