One of the friends at the centre of the roora squad drama says the whole furore was sparked by a lie. Tariro Shiri said there never a truth or dare or a drinks party.

She told Tatelicious in a phone conversation that the initial post that set social media on fire was false.

“That post was paid for and it’s a lie. We reached out to Julie (who posted it) and she said she cannot take it down because she was paid.” Tariro said she did not know who paid Julie for the lie.

She revealed that a DNA test had not been done on Hastings and Plaxedes’s son. Hastings, has said he will release a statement once DNA tests are completed. Tariro did not want to talk about the state of Hastings and Plaxedes marriage. “They are not saying much,” she said. She also said she did not know why the couple needed to do a DNA test.

Tariro said she had received death threats with many suspecting she was the one that leaked the 'secrets'. She reached out to Hastings and Plaxedes “as this was turning into an issue about me.”

They are both staying out of social media for now. Tariro said reports that the Rwizi and Dube families were meeting this weekend was also a lie.