Kudzanayi Chipanga who is best known for his apology jersey says he is excited about the possibility of re-joining Zanu PF without conditions.

“I appreciate the gesture by the president and the party leadership to forgive us and allow us back into the party. It goes to confirm that Zanu PF is a people-oriented party.

“I have applied to come back to the only political home I have and help in my small way to ensure the party wins the 2023 elections overwhelmingly. We stand guided by the principle that the party is bigger than individuals,” he told the Daily News.

Zanu PF is re-admitting without conditions and burying the hatchet with all its members who were turfed out of the party on accusations of belonging to the G40 faction.

Obert Mpofu has instructed party organs to speed up the process of integrating G40 members back into the party. “We welcome all who want to join the party. How do you vet someone who wants to join the party?

“Party structures must welcome people who want to re-join the party in a manner that will not discourage them. We have communicated this to party structures. Even the president has said there is a need for the party to welcome those who want to come back and some of our former members who are re-joining the party.”