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Cal_Vin’s mother is demanding answers, four months after the rapper’s death.

Cal_Vin died on 25 October 2020 after being hit by a car. He was in company of his girlfriend Michelle Maphosa and other two male friends.

Cal_Vin’s mother, Sinikiwe Luphahla, said she went to the police to find out the latest on her son’s death.

“This issue (Cal_vin’s death) is giving me sleepless nights because I don’t really know what transpired that day. Ever since Mgcini died I have been dashing to the police so that I keep up with the investigations. I am not a mother who gives up, if I do so, Mgcini will not be happy where he is resting.

“It seems this case will take long to be solved because they (police) said they don’t have power here (in Bulawayo), the case has since been forwarded for a national investigation,” Luphahla told B Metro