The State has amended for the third time the charge facing the woman who bedded a minor.

Precious Teya’s lawyer, Moses Nyatsoma, said the State was no longer pressing a rape charge against her. She now faces an aggravated indecent assault charge.

“Unfortunately, the State has not served us with papers containing the rape charge. This is the third time they have amended the charge. This to some extent shows how unstable the State is to prefer charges against my client.

“However, the facts at hand also contradict with what really transpired on the day in question. The child is purported to be 13, but we haven’t seen any documents accompanying such claims. The boy also has a secret cell phone that no one is aware of including his parents and uses it to lure girls online for sexual favours.

“We have requested his birth certificate which has not been made available and under normal circumstances, the State, in the absence of a birth certificate orders for an age estimate, that also has not been done.

“In as far as the age of the child is concerned we are not sure of anything, if you also look at the stature of the child you cannot tell that he is 13 years of age. There was no way my client could have made that guess and withdrew herself, also looking at his behaviour of hiring the services of a hooker and paying a taxi, that is not consistent with a 13-year-old,” he told H Metro.

Teya is fighting for bail at the High Court.