Anne Nhira’s brother has revealed her last words to him before she lost her life.

“The only few words I heard from my sister were that men with guns came out of the bushes at the prayer mountain. When I found her (at the scene), I didn’t want her to talk too much as I wanted to get help,”

“There were no bullet wounds that I saw, but there was physical damage on the chest area, stomach, rib cage and her back. We’re actually trying to get the surveillance of that area and see if we can come up with anything.

“There’re no witnesses so far and what we know is what she told us,” said Juan who is based in South Africa said..

On burial arrangement she said :“We signed all the forms that were required so we’re now just waiting for the pathologists to give us the results. It’s only then that we’ll have a solid plan. They’re saying it’ll take a bit of time."