Businessman, Wicknell Chivayo's wife, Sonja, has revealed that she dumped a broke boyfriend for Wicknell. She said that the last straw for her was when she went out to the movies with the guy in his father's car. After the movie they realised that the car they had been broken into.

"My phone, my keys, my i.d, they took everything," she told her Instagram followers recently adding that she was miffed because “this guy is really concerned that the glass on his daddy’s car has been broken. I’m like dude what about my bank cards, my house keys, my phone have also been taken.”

She said they then went home to her garden flat she used to rent in Mandara. Sonja said she hoped that “this nigga he better make a plan in the morning. I had nothing. I was thinking bae will help me keys cut, let me get a line or spare phone. I went to work and the nigga did not even call., nothing. not even a tenner to buy groceries, nothing. 

Mbinga who I then married noticed that I was off line, whats going on, and called me on the land line. I could not tell him that I had a smash and grab while out with boyfriend. Wick sent me an iphone and an envelope with cash. That was the moment I said I cannot do broke. If you are dating a broke guy you will always look for that other guy, why not date that other guy. He was very comfortable being taken care of.  The dude I was dating did not even care.

I really liked the guy after that incident I was really offended.  I changed. I said this is not my portion. This is not my cake."