Zodwa Mkandla says the Bentley Continental GT she bought the late Ginimbi is being hidden in South Africa and has not been included in his estate.

Zodwa bought the car from the UK in 2013, while Ginimbi paid for duty in Zimbabwe. The car is believed to be under the custody of Ginimbi’s long-time friend, Kit Kat.

Zodwa’s legal team, Venturas and Samkange has now written to Kit Kat’s lawyers, Shomwe-Nyakuedza Attorneys demanding the car.

“Our client instructs us that sometime in October 2013, she bought a Bentley Continental GT from the United Kingdom under the name Traverze Travel. Same was delivered through the Plumtree border post and the late (Ginimbi) was authorised to collect it. The motor vehicle at the time of the deceased’s passing on was in South Africa under his custody. This vehicle would be used by the late (Ginimbi) and our client (Zodwa) whenever in South Africa on business or leisure trips.

“We are further instructed that the motor vehicle is currently in the custody of Nomatter Zinyengere, who is your client. The car has not been registered with the Master of High Court as required in terms of the Administration of Estates Act.

Zodwa told H-Metro that all she wants is for Ginimbi’s properties to be fully accounted.

“I am not even expecting anything from this, I’m not greedy, I have my own things. But what I want is for people to do the honourable thing and surrender all the things that belonged to Genius and have to be registered in his estate.

“Everyone knows that I bought that car and because it was registered by Genius, it should be part of his estate, no two ways about it. People think that the cars that Genius left and all the other things are his net worth not realising that there are some huge bills that are outstanding and would need to be cleared first.

“That is why everything that Genius left must be included in the estate and outstanding bills are settled before anyone can benefit. People, including his friends, should not hurry to lay claim to any of his properties before due processes.

“We know he had businesses in South Africa, vehicles for those businesses, bank accounts and so forth and all those have to be accounted for and included in his estate.”

Zodwa also dismissed claims that the Bentley might have been sold while Ginimbi was still alive.