The mbinga, Trevor Mbizvo who sparked drama in Cape Town is single and has a business arrangement with former Ginimbi manager, Ms Shally, according to Njuzu, one of the parties involved.

She said that people should not believe a word that comes out of Hell Commander’s mouth as far as love is concerned as he was just playing the field. Njuzu revealed that Ms Shally was just helping the mbinga to manage his businesses just as she was doing with the late Ginimbi.

She said Hell Commander has realised the value Ms Shally brings to his businesses that he cannot afford to lose her for now, hence the confessions of love. Hell Commander has said he loved Ms Shally and was committed. He has apologised for his antics with Njuzu but insists they were never intimate. He came live on Instagram with Ms Shally and kissed her as a show of love. But Njuzu laughed and said Hell Commander was her man anytime she wanted him.

She said that is why he said he loved Ms Shally zvekutodaro which means not really fully into it.