Trevor Mbizvo, the Hell Commander, has finally admitted that he has been juggling Ms Shally and Njuzu and it has been hell. He confessed that he has been lying to both women the whole time. 

In several live videos on Instagram, the mbinga finally came clean saying he hooked up with Njuzu some weeks back and paid for her flights to Cape Town. He had always said he just met Njuzu in Cape Town and never arranged any hook ups. But Njuzu then said she was prepared to reveal the V11s, showing that he arranged and paid for her trip to Cape Town.

Hell Cammander was left with no choice but to admit that he did pay for the tickets. Not only that but that they were intimate in the hotel room. 

He said :"I lied to Shally that I was going to Durban when I was going to Cape Town. We got to Cape Town and whatever happened," he said adding that he did not remember much about what happened that night because he was drunk. " I was not even aware that there was a live. I was drunk, ndanga ndakarara. I was wasted. I do not have to blame anyone, its my actions."

He said he was under tremendous pressure to balance the needs of Nzuzu and Shally.  "I was lying between the two. They did not get to know exactly what was happening. So some of the things Nhuzu is saying is true while some is not true because of my lies to her and Shally."

Hell Commander said he left Cape Twon with Shally and "I was under fire to be honest , ndaitsva kumberi nekumashure. Sometimes I had to lie to cover myself, how do I fix this. I then came, sat down naShally and said I want to make it up then I bought the car.

I lied to you because I knew you would also want a car. I bought that car. I never disclosed to you. I knew kuti waizondiisa pressure. Shally has the car right now. Ndakanyepa kakawanda to both parties. I had to cover myself. I had to lie just to get away with anything." he told Njuzu in another video.

He said he then relented after pressure from Njuzu and bought her a car from Zimoco. Nzuzu confirmed that she collected the car the following day after Shally got hers. But Njuzu said the Hell Commander told her that he did not love Shally at all and that was why she slept with him. She said Shally felt humiliated by the whole drama. 

Many are now dismissive of the drama, saying it’s scripted rubbish designed to thrust Hell Commander into the limelight. There can only be one Ginimbi.