Late Ginimbi estate executor, Patricia Darangwa has hit back at his family over the unsigned will saying that they consented to it  and signed affidavits.

The row started when Ginimbi’s family refused to surrender the top-of-the range Lamborghini vehicle bequeathed to his friend, Kit-Kat. The Kadungure family wanted Kit-Kat to produce a birth certificate to prove that he was, indeed, the one mentioned in the will.

“It is respectfully submitted that this matter is not urgent. The master’s decision accepting the unsigned will was arrived at on November 25, 2020. The applicants were present when the decision was made. It was made with and based on their consent.

“The applicants have exhibited no urgency whatsoever in their handling of the present matter. They have carelessly abstained from action. The applicants cannot seek an interdict against the first respondent, barring her from carrying out her duties as an executor. The letters of administration that empower her remain valid and extant.

“So they cannot turn around and claim belatedly that the second respondent erred in accepting it or that they were unduly influenced to accept it,” Darangwa said.