Anne Nhira died a painful death after she was attacked by robbers as she descended a prayer mountain in South Africa.

Family spokesperson and Anne’s cousin, Mrs Florence Ziyambi, said :“It is very painful. My sister was mugged while coming from a mountain for prayers with her brother Juan. They had gone to pray early in the morning and Anne was the first to descend, while her brother remained at the mountain for a few minutes.

“As she was walking in the park, she was attacked and the robbers got away with her handbag. She was then assisted by Juan who took her to the clinic where she was checked first day. They said she was okay.

“On Tuesday last week, she started having pains from the injuries and her body was swollen. On Wednesday, Juan took her back to the hospital where they examined her again and said she had sustained internal injuries.

“They prescribed medication and there was no change. On Thursday early in the morning, Juan noticed that Anne was worse and took her to hospital. her body was starting to get cold and moments later she was pronounced dead.”

“Juan went to Germiston police station in South Africa yesterday where they recorded his statement and he was writing an affidavit, after we have decided to open a murder case.”

Mrs Ziyambi said they were working with Nyaradzo Funeral Service to repatriate the body to Zimbabwe, and hoped that paperwork will be completed by Friday.