Zodwa is being targeted by tax officials following her announcement that she has bought herself a Lamborghini.

Kenny Kunene, whose political party Zodwa recently joined, said: “Zodwa has decided not to buy the car anymore because after she posted the video celebrating, she got a call from Sars requesting to have a meeting with her. She figured out that it might have been because of the post so she then decided to not buy the car for now.

“It is sad that in this country you can’t freely celebrate getting yourself anything without anyone hovering around you.”

The self-acclaimed King of Sushi further said he can’t comment on the rumours on whether or not he was the one buying the car for Zodwa.

Zodwa said she was shocked to receive a “letter of demand” from Sars after she posted a video celebrating what looked like her making a purchase of the Lamborghini Aventador, worth over R8 million.

“I am meeting with my accountant this afternoon at 2pm.  I’m not educated, so I just forwarded him the SMS, so he can advise me accordingly,” explains Zodwa.

The “Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored” star added that she is not in the position to confirm nor deny the purchase of the luxury ride. “My accountant will advise me on the way forward,” she said.