Kae Chaps, real name Kudakwashe Chapepa says his hit song, Juzi is about his real life story. He broke up with his long time girlfriend and she left a pink jersey at his house; each time he sees the jersey, it reminds him of the past.

“I recorded the song two weeks ago on a Friday, after being inspired by my breakup with my girlfriend whom I have dated for five months. I released it the following Tuesday and then on Wednesday she heard the song and called me, telling me that it has been on her playlist’

“We spoke for a while and she was interested and trying to act as everything was normal but I told her, I am no longer playing that.  I have moved on. I am no longer seeing her the same way as before.

“I was hurt. The song is real and what you see on the video on social media is actually me and how I felt. After we uploaded the song, the next day it was already trending on social media.

“It was already on 11 000 hits and I was shocked. I am happy how big artists are even endorsing the song.  The song is emotional and it speaks my heart. I was depressed. I had other heart-breaks before but this one was very strong as it hit me hard. I later accepted fate and started 2021 on a new note,” Kae Chaps told the Herald.

Kae Chaps has been in the music industry for about seven years as an underground musician.

“I used to work before and I remember in 2017 I went to South Africa and came back after I failed to make it there. I told my uncle that let me go back to Zimbabwe. I worked as a general hand at a pizza place, at a fast food, chicken outlet in town and as a satellite dish installer for Kwese Tv. I got depressed and quit. I started making music in 2014, I have been dropping singles. I then did my first project called “November 20” in 2018. It was inspired by an incident where I got stabbed at night coming from work, during the Kwese days. I turned that into a project. In 2020, I did an extended play which had three songs. My very first album was last year on September 25, titled “Vanga”,” he explained. He said was working on a couple of collaborations and was inspired by a lot of people.