Kae Caps has revealed that he is an orphan who has been overwhelmed by the response to his song, Juzi.

“I am an orphan. My mum and dad  are late. I am a second born in a family of three. I have an elder sister and a young brother. I come from a family that is extremely gifted arts-wise. However, I happen to be the first one to have seriously pursued music.

It is overwhelming at times, but I am really enjoying talking and responding to the messages. To be honest, I am surprised. It is everything that I have always wanted, however, I did not expect it to happen so suddenly. At times the journey is much longer before you get a breakthrough.

He said his new song  “No Man Curse” was again inspired by hispersonal experiences.

“I used to work for a now-defunct popular satellite dish installing company. I was one day, November 20, 2017 to be precise, stabbed by criminals coming from work around 6.30pm. The horrible incident affected me a lot. I fell into depression. I felt I was giving it my all, but not getting positive results as misfortune trailed me," he told the Sunday Mail.