The Kadungure is heading to a major confrontation with Kit Kat over the late Ginimbi’s lamborgini.

The family is now refusing to release the flashy motor bequeathed to Kit Kat in an unsigned will filed with the Master of High Court. They are now contesting the will which they say they were pressured to accept while they grieved.

The Herald reports that Kit Kat’s lawyer has written to Ginimbi’s family demanding the vehicle. “Our client is keen to have his inheritance released from the residue of the estate and is requesting that same be done through the first interim distribution account, a copy of which we are also requesting to inspect.

“Furthermore, our client is willing to pay the estate liabilities and related costs for his inheritance and to that end may you kindly issue us an invoice for settlement,” reads the letter.

The executor was quick to publish a notice in the Press inviting interested parties to inspect the initial distribution account, which does include the proposed transfer of the vehicle to Zinyengere, and submit any objections.

The Press notice published on February 5 this year reads: “Notice is hereby given that the First Interim liquidation and or distribution account in the above estate (Genius Kadungure) will lie for inspection for a period of 21 days as from the 5th day of February 2021 at the office of the Master of High Court, Harare. Should no objections be lodged with the Master of High Court within the period of inspection, payments will be made in accordance therewith . . . ”

But now the Ginimbi family have hired their own lawyers, Ushewokunze Law Chambers, to contest the will, with the proposed transfer of the vehicle being the trigger,

“However, the family’s suspicion around the authenticity of the will remains difficult to oust.The family has always had, and still has, unanswered questions regarding the said will…

“We must mention that the dissatisfaction and anxiety over the genuineness or origin of the will, coupled with a recollection of diverse events antecedent to the demise of the deceased, all culminated in the family’s resort to getting legal advice with a view to bringing closure to the issue of the will,” said Ushewokonze Law Chambers.