Footballer, Jerome Boateng’s ex-girlfriend model, Kasia Lenhardthas been found dead, one week after they broke up.

The 25-year-old Polish model was found dead at a luxury apartment thought to belong to Boateng in Berlin's upmarket Charlottenborg neighbourhood on Tuesday night by police who say the death is not being treated as suspicious.

Speaking about Lenhardt's death, a friend told MailOnline: 'Yesterday was her son Noah's birthday. Kasia was at home on her own. A member of her family called the police because they could not get hold of her and they were worried. She died a week after Jerome gave an interview in which he said their relationship was over. He said some really nasty things about Kasia. She was very upset by it.'

Lenhardt had been dating 32-year-old Boateng for 15 months before their relationship crashed on February 2 amid bitter accusations of blackmail and infidelity. German news outlet Bild revealed that Kasia had been involved in a car accident in the footballer's Mini on January 5, resulting in the vehicle being a write-off.

Shortly after the crash, Boateng publicly ended his relationship with Kasia on Instagram. He wrote: "As is known from the media, I ended the relationship with Kasia Lenhardt. We will go our separate ways from now on. That is regrettable, but for my family and for me it is the only right one.

"I had to take this step and draw a line. I apologise to everyone I've hurt especially with my ex-girlfriend Rebecca and our children. I am disappointed in myself too. A man has to take responsibility and act in the interests of his family and I'm doing it now. I wish Kasia all the best. Jerome Boateng."

Kasia responded by saying she had ended the relationship because of the World Cup winner's "lies and constant infidelity". She also branded Boateng 'the devil' and vowed to 'speak up' and 'fight back' once she had recovered from the break-up.   

 'I will definitely speak up, but I have to collect myself. Please give me time. I will fight back! Because I've never been so deceived, used, and lied to. Give me a moment,' she wrote.