A fight looms between Soul Jah Love’s family and the many producers who recorded his music over his legacy.

So nasty is the situation that there was a reported fist fight last weekend between the gifted lyricist’s family and his friends over his inheritance. The family has since approached lawyers to stop producers and other music stakeholders from releasing or profiting from the artiste’s music royalties.

“The family does not understand the environment that he worked in and it will be interesting to see how they will stop the release or use of Soul Jah Love’s content by different people whom he worked with throughout his career.

“What I know is that Soul Jah Love would just walk into a studio and record for free as a way of supporting the studio. I do not know of any producer who says they were paid to record him. If anything, producers would fight to have him on their microphones and that was how they handled their business..

“It would be hard for anyone to stop the release of such music if it was created under such mutual agreements,” the musician’s former manager Benjamin Nyandoro  told the Standard.

Music critic Plot Mhako, it is likely that Soul Jah Love was robbed of his royalties in life and “the same will happen in his death”.

“It is unfortunate that Sauro had his music distributed on too many platforms and did not have much control over his content online. Now his estate or family has to engage some professional distributor to make sure that the already released content is on the right platform they have access to and can directly benefit from,” he said.