DNA tests have proved that the father of Lady Storm’s three year old daughter is her South Africa-based car dealer lover, not Tinarwo Gotora who was her husband at the time.

Eriza is contesting the results, demanding further tests. Global Diagnostic Centre Zimbabwe representative Tinashe Mugabe confirmed the dealer, Luckmore Pongolani, was, indeed, the father.

“I have just called you to clarify on my paternity row with Lady Storm, which has been raging on for the past three years.

“As I have always maintained from the start that DNA tests should be conducted, she has not been cooperating insisting that Mukanya (Tinarwo Gotora) who was married to her was the father since he provided for her needs before they split.

“I was ridiculed in the media when I mentioned that I was the father as many people claimed I was an attention-seeking person who wanted to wreck her marriage.

“I have never stopped seeking the truth since other men also claimed they fathered the child. At some point, she came to stay with me claiming I was the father and I needed to find the truth.

“My daughter’s life is at stake and that’s why I decided to take this action. Lady Storm has been nagging me asking for money but she always changes her mind after receiving what she wants from me. She once came here (South Africa) and that’s when I realised she was also claiming money from another guy in South Africa called Denzel and another old man in Harare,” he told H Metro

Lady Storm said she would not comment on the issue to safeguard her daughter’s life. “I don’t have a comment about that issue because it involves my daughter and there is even a deeper issue to that so I would rather keep my comments to myself at the moment,” she said.

Luckson with the child

Gotora with the child