Olinda says she took back Tytan because she never stopped loving him despite the nasty things he said and did.

“I didn’t win, he didn’t win in our catfight. Malawyers did not win whatever they were instigating. Nandi wins. She gets raised by both parents, not one,” she said in a Facebook live which lasted over two hours.

She said jokingly, semwana wemurungu she understood what separation meant and did not care what Tytan did during that time. But she kept the marriage certificate in the drawer. She said Tytan’s DMs were flooded by women and some “vakatsotsonya beans.”

Olinda said their marriage going forward might not last the distance but she has proved her point. She revealed that another wedding is due in August and she was preparing to do something special for Tytan’s birthday next week.

Olinda said when her marriage broke down she was in deep pain and took time to fix herself through therapy and a brutal reassessment of her life. She said the emotional trauma pushed her into a razor sharp focus on business and it has paid off.

“I’m now a multi-millionaire,” she said adding that people might not believe her. Olinda said her accountant has told her that projected turnover this year for her business is £7.9 million.”