Amid chaotic scenes in the Parliament in Ghana a married MP sat on the lap of another as they jostled over seating positions.

There was confusion over which party had the majority and this resulted in MPs from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) side occupying seats meant for the majority. When the New Patriotic Party (NPP) MPs walked in, they had no choice but to occupy the minority section.

“When the New Patriotic Party MPs came in, they saw that we were on the right side so they went to the left but Ursula refused. Cletus Avoka was sitting down and decided to go to the washroom, by the time he came back Ursula had taken his seat. We tried to persuade her but she declined. She also left the seat and I sat on it. When she came she just sat on my lap. She didn’t say anything to me, she just sat and I didn’t say anything,”

“She sat on my lap. I didn’t sit on her lap. My wife should be complaining and not her husband,” Mr Akandoh told reporters.