The son who murdered his elderly parents has said they deserved to die for bewitching him.

Lisani Nleya (45) told detectives he killed his his parents — 83-year-old Mr Nicholas Nleya and Margaret (78) alone.

The Chronicle reports that Lisani took the officers behind the homestead and showed them how he entered on the fateful day. He said his weapons, which included three petrol bombs and a petrol container, were in a satchel on his shoulders.

Lisani told officers that he demanded money when he entered his parents’ bedroom hut and his mother extended R200 which he dismissed as too little.

Lisani narrated how he threw three petrol bombs inside the room. He said, he threw the first bomb which ignited the house and provided light for him to aim at his targets with the second. He said a third bomb did the greatest damage.

It blew up part of the house, shook the ground and threw him some meters away resulting in a leg injury. Lisani said after being satisfied that his mission was complete, he dashed outside the homestead jumping over the fence to evade people he expected to arrive at any moment.

After observing from a distance for a while, he said he rushed to the place where he had left a bicycle and cycled about 90km to Figtree before getting a lift that took him to Bulawayo.

He took his parents’ two cellphones, sold one to a Nigerian in South Africa and the other is still at his rented place in South Africa.