A man just dumped by his girlfriend has scooped a R60 million powerball prize money.

“I still cannot believe that I have won this much, the most I’ve won from the Lottery is R500,” the 30 year old financial services worker said.

He said he neglected to check his ticket after the draw because he was feeling down in the dumps after the break-up.

“My live-in girlfriend had just broken up with me, and I was not in the best of moods. By the time I checked the results on Friday night, I was by myself as she had already moved out. When I realised that I had won, I thought I was dreaming. I immediately went to take a cold shower and then came back to check again. It was real – lady luck was on my side, but clearly not so much for her!”

“Because of my profession, I am clued up on the kind of investments I want, to ensure that my money keeps working for me and bears interest. I am not going to resign. At the rate things are going, I am anticipating a retrenchment in the organisation that I work for and in the industry as a whole. So I will wait for the retrenchment package and my upcoming bonus. It’s money that I have worked hard for, so I am definitely waiting for it”, he said.

For his ex girlfriend, he said :“Oh and I will also buy my ex-girlfriend a fridge, probably a washing machine too, just to say no hard feelings.”