Daisy, widow to the late Oliver Mtukudzi, says she is now struggling to put food on the table and she feels deserted as there is no-one to help her.

“Life will never be the same with Tuku and I feel like I am standing on one leg. I have no one to turn to turn to when I encounter problems like failure to pay my domestic bills and other things. I’m one person who is uncomfortable with borrowing from others because people assume I have it all.

“I’m struggling like any other widow   but to be honest there is no one I can say has been assisting me when I need help. I only pray to God for help because he is the one who is looking after widows.

“There is nothing that we could do because of the Covid-19 lockdown. When I miss the good things we do together or when I am stuck, I close my bedroom and start crying indoors.

“The wound is still fresh and I get more affected especially when we are commemorating his legacy like now. He was a loving and caring husband who taught me to work on my own despite all the fame he had.

“He knew that one days one of us would leave first and it so happened it was him who left us early and we have to be content with that fate.

“I might be a widow but there comes a time when life must go on and I am also expected to fend for the family. In my case, I am into farming and this year we planted maize and soya beans but I have challenges to acquire loans nokuti ndinotya chikwereti,” she told H Metro