Child president, Mukudzeishe Madzivire has attained 10 As at Ordinary level Cambridge examinations . He studied at the Christian Brothers College (CBC) in Bulawayo.

“When l collected my results on Tuesday 19 January, I was quite surprised and a bit overwhelmed and l did not expect to get the results that l got, and l think there is never anyone who expected to get such results so I was very happy,” Mukudzeishe told The Sunday News.

He wrote Business Studies, Accounting, Geography, History, Literature in English, Computer Science, English, Mathematics, Biology and Physical Science.

Mukudzeishe, is now doing Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English at Advanced level at CBC.  

“I’m very interested in the social, economic and political factors that contribute to the provision of healthcare and the Covid-19 pandemic has opened my eyes to the reality of modern healthcare as being a social service whose provision is impeded by rampant inequalities. I’d like to work in fields related to that or perhaps on the field as a medical practitioner,” he said.