A Zimbabwean man has been banned from Slough town centre in the UK after he intimidated and abused members of the public.

Temba Mukiwa has been served a Criminal Behaviour Order for his offensive behaviour at Slough Magistrates’ Court. The order means Mukiwa cannot enter a designated area of the town centre, drink alcohol in the street or cause fear alarm or distress to anyone, anywhere in the borough.

Mukiwa’s antics include intimidating street drinkers to buy alcohol for him from shops which have been prevented from serving him. In the last two months there have been five complaints regarding graphic songs about what he wanted to do to women working in shops as well as banging waste bins like drums.

The 44-year-old’s behaviour had not been improving and financial penalties were not affective due to his immigration status and lack of entitlements.

The Justices of the Peace imposed the harshest measures at their disposal during the sentencing hearing after Mukiwa breached a community protection notice which prevented him from drinking in the town centre.

Now, if he is spotted breaching any prohibition of the new five-year order, he can be immediately arrested.

The court heard he has criminal convictions in the UK and his home country of Zimbabwe and faced further offences which are currently going through in the criminal justice system. He is also on immigration bail.