Marry Mubaiwa has slammed her estranged husband, VP Chwenga saying he was dehumanising her.

“First, it was him (Chiwenga) who instructed his subordinates to pack my belongings, including my undergarments and dumb them at my offices. Who does that to the mother of his children, instructing subordinates to take your spouse’s undergarments?” 

“It is really sad that we have men who still take pride in dehumanising women to that extent. God has ways of bringing out the truth and as they say, the truth will set me free. I have a lot to say, but I am human, I will be quiet. My silence will be out of respect for my children, my and his (Chiwenga) own integrity,” she told Newsday.

On her court appearance on a stretcher from an ambulance, she said: “I am sick, I really cried outside the court. I felt I had had enough and felt like giving up, but I just prayed to God to protect me. That is how I gathered strength.”

“A lot has been cooked, what is worse than being called a potential killer, a witch, a drug addict?

“My rights as a woman have been violated. I have faced the worst because of my husband. He is even preparing more, do I care, no. I know the truth and I will stand for that,” she said.

“They have created all sorts of allegations against me, labelling me all sorts of names and vowing to crush me with all arsenals at their disposal, sounds scary, but God will always protect his own. I pray one day, people will get to know the truth and it will be soon.”