Marry Chiwenga is seeking her passport to travel to South Africa for treatment.

“When I was arrested, I was undergoing treatment for wounds I suffered in a bomb blast in Bulawayo in 2018 and the treatment was undertaken by Dr Johan van Heerden and I hereto attach as Annexure ”F” a copy of a letter from the Doctor confirming that I had indeed been undergoing treatment as long ago as 2018 and what the nature of the treatment was.

“As is clear from the Doctor’s letter, his rooms are in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa. After my arrest, I obviously could not travel to South Africa for medical treatment due to the bail conditions which included the surrender of my passports and reporting to the police on Friday once a fortnight between the hours of 06.00hrs and 18.00hrs.

“Although I had intended seeking a relaxation of these conditions to enable me to continue with treatment under Dr van Heerden’s care, this became impossible after there were Covid-19 travel restrictions which made it impossible for me to travel.

“I nevertheless continued to seek treatment from local doctors but regrettably, the condition of my wounds became worse and my legs and feet continued to swell to a point where I have difficulty in walking.

“The wounds on my arms have become worse and in this respect I am prepared to attend court so that the court can see for itself the extent of the wounds and how I definitely require immediate and urgent treatment.

“If I cannot attend court, I confirm that my legal practitioners can show the court both still pictures and video evidence of the wounds.  

“I have consulted many doctors locally and regrettably, none of them have been able to successfully treat my injuries which have become worse with each day. I attach hereto as ANNEXURE ”G” a copy of a letter from Specialist Surgeon MR S. MAKARAWO who has examined my injuries and who confirms that there are no lymphoedema specialists in Zimbabwe.

Upon the lifting of travel restrictions in both Zimbabwe and South Africa, my legal practitioners wrote to the NPA seeking consent for the release of the passport so that I could travel to South Africa for the necessary treatment. I attach hereto as Annexure ”I” a copy of a letter dated 5th October, 2020 to the Regional Prosecutor, which letter was hand delivered on the same date.

“This letter was followed by many physical visits to the 1st Respondent’s officers who include Mr Reza, Mr Muchemwa and Ms Mushayabasa, all of whom have asked for proof of my need for medical attention in South Africa, which proof has been provided.

“Regrettably, it appears that no one wants to make a decision on this issue which could easily have been consensually dealt with without the need for a formal application.

The matter awaits ruling at the High Court.