Businesswoman Zodwa Mkandla is part owner of the Domboshava mansion and is taking moves to reclaim it.

Sources close to the developments told Zim Morning Post that “Zodwa has already started projecting herself as the surviving spouse, and is firmly in charge.”

 These ownership details were leaked in court as Zodwa, who is popularly known as Zozo, sought to retrieve lost property worth $60 000 at the house in question. In the court case, the State detailed that Zodwa lost the property at her Domboshava mansion to one of her security personnel, a man identified as Justice Jasi. Justice allegedly did injustice in spite of the trust vested in him.

The two businesspeople (Zozo and Ginimbi) never categorically stated their marital status despite speculation and rumours that the two were married under Marriage Act which will entitle them to dual ownership of properties. 

On numerous occasions, Ginimbi skirted answering the question on his marital status.