Ginimbi’s ex-wife Zodwa says Ginimbi loved hard and played hard.

“I met him in 2009 at the airport and the second time I met him and he was wearing big shirts those days. He was driving an S-class. Genius was a player and he would make you believe you are the only one.

“Genius was a character, I have never met anyone like him. When he loved, he loved and when he played, he played hard.”

“Genius wanted the best of cars. When we started to build the house I never thought he was going to finish, put the tar and later electricity.

“My wish is for Baba (Anderson), Julie, is to make the name of Genius go on, let us make sure what he wanted is achieved. Let the place be maintained to its status.

“If the mansion is to be turned into a museum or hotel let it be for benefit of the Kadungures.