A priest from Gauteng has won R7.2m in the Lotto plus jackpot. He was a joint winner with a woman from Lichtenburg in the North West and they both wished to remain anonymous.

They shared the R14m jackpot that was up for grabs on October 24. The priest said he had been petitioning God to grant him financial freedom.

“I have been praying for God’s intervention for months now, asking him to ease my financial burdens so I can take care of my children and be able to do more for the church.

“My prayers particularly became more intense from July this year, I started feeling a lot of pressure and I ‘fought’ with God, asking him not to forsake me when I have been a loyal servant to him;

“A few days before I played the Lottery, I visited my wife’s grave. I pleaded with her to speak to God on behalf of our family. I believe that she is now a spiritual being who is closer to God than we are. Earlier this week, I went to check my tickets and I was pleasantly shocked to learn that I had won the Lotto Plus 2 jackpot.”

Asked how he planned to spend the money, he said three things were at the top of his list: ensuring his children’s education was paid for and their basic needs were taken care of, renovating his parents’ old house and contributing to the church.