A UK based woman has lost over US$1 000 to her local lover before they even met face to face.

Stembiso Chaira and Gilbert Mukoka, hit it off after chatting on WhatsApp and agreed to construct a house where they would stay at Wazvaremhaka Village in Chivhu.

Mukoka volunteered to manage the project and Chaira started sending him money every week.

“My search to have someone to settle with has emotionally affected me and left me hunting for Mukoka. I gave her my heart unaware that he was after milking me. I connected with him through a love programme on social media and we exchanged contacts and photographs before we started a relationship. He indicated to me that he was a builder and we agreed to build a home at my home village.

“I gave him directions and he visited the village together with his son Adoration where they managed to dig a foundation and delivered five bags of cement. After that visit I trusted him and sent money to buy all the building material he wanted according to the quotations he sent to me beginning of June this year.

“He refused to send photographs of the building material he claimed to have bought before blocking my contacts until today. Mukoka visited my village together with one of his sons he claimed was a builder who was to help him in the construction of the house.

“We agreed on the house plan and he charged me for the drawing of the plan and hey that was that. He has brought shame to my name in the village,” Chaira told H Metro.