A Zanu PF youth in Mutare poured urine over Passion Java because he says he does not respect President Mnangagwa.

“I took brake fluid oil, mud, water and urine and I put it in one bottle, then I soiled him. He is not respecting our president. I disarmed one of the guards, I took his pistol. I do not think he is trained. I then returned his pistol after I soiled his boss,” said Zanu PF youth chairperson for ward 11, Heaven Chihono, popularly known as “Shorty”

Java went to Mutare Central Police Station to request for protection as he headed for interviews with a local radio station.

Zanu PF youth chairperson Tawanda Mukodza yesterday condemned the wayward behaviour of the party youth.  

“Zanu PF is an ideological party,” Makodza said. “We don’t condone such behaviour. We don’t do such behaviour in the name of the party. If it is true that he is using the name of the party to do such things, we are going to take disciplinary action against him.