Zodwa has revealed that she hated Ginimbi Live and never watched it. But she said Ginimbi always said it was just social media and it was for his fans. “We always fought after it,” she said. 

She confirmed that she and Ginimbi built the mansion together but she has no claim on his estate. She said she has built an equally massive mansion which Ginimbi helped to build. Zodwa said, to her knowledge, Ginimbi had no children. She said there was one who was brought forward but a DNA test was negative.

Zodwa also confirmed that Ginimbi was married before her and the woman is still alive. She said that white parties will continue in memory of Ginimbi. These will be held at the mansion which is set to be turned into a hotel. She also said it was not true that Rimo was collecting Ginimbi’s debts. She said she did  know the relationship between Ginimbi and Prophet Passion as she has never seen them together.