Moana’s mother says her father is planning to exclude her from Moana’s funeral.

“I have a reasonable apprehension that I, together with other female sisters, colleagues and relations would be excluded from the funeral rites which would be unconscionable.

“I do not wish or desire that anyone be excluded from the occasion on the basis of gender or creed as this goes against not only my sense of community according to custom but of the general persona of my deceased daughter who embraced everyone. The deceased was a popular personality with a huge following. Apparently, it would be unfair not only to me, but to other people and relations who knew her personality.

“I aver that this matter is urgent on the reasons that the burial is on 20 November 2020 and belated hearing would prejudice me. There would be nothing to motivate in that matter since the object of the lawsuit would become dead. I therefore submit that there would be no remedy for a cause rendered academic,” she told a High Court judge who is now set to decide on Monday.