Henrietta Rushwaya is now saying that the gold she was caught with is hers but she had picked the wrong bag for travel on that day. She said there had been a mix up as she had a similar bag with her clothes which she should have taken with her to the airport.

She said her arrest was now being used for political expedience aimed at soiling the name of the First Family.

Rushwaya’s lawyer, Tapson Dzvetero, Rushwaya said in court the handbag containing gold was loaded into her car instead of a similar handbag containing the clothes she intended to travel with.

“The bag was similar to another bag which she was about to carry out of the country. The wrong bag was put into her vehicle and she did not have the knowledge of the contents that she took to the RGM Airport and she realised this at the point the scanners revealed that there was gold. Will you dispute that the investigating officer, one Bruno Chiketo, captured this aspect which is critical to her defence when she interviewed first accused (Rushwaya) upon her arrest at airport,” asked Mr Dzvetero.

The hearing continues today.