The late Ginimbi’s son has emerged after revelations he fathered a son with a Gutu-based businesswoman.It has since been revealed that Ginimbi had a child with Ms Miyedzo Madondo in 2011. However, the Kadungure family members had earlier denied knowledge of the love child.

“As far as I know, Genius did not leave behind any children. Last time I heard through rumours that he had children everywhere, but I was never introduced to any of his children,” Mr Anderson Kadungure, father to Genius, said recently.

Ms Madondo told The Sunday Mail that  she was not interested in her ex-flame’s fortune as she was also living a comfortable lifestyle.

“I was born in a family with everything that I needed, so we are ok. We don’t need anything, so please just leave us alone,” she said.

The relationship between Ms Madondo and Kadungure reportedly collapsed after the birth of the child. Although he was not initially involved in the upbringing of his son, he later on warmed up to him and began spoiling him with expensive gifts.

Ginimbi’s former wife, Zodwa has said there was a son who once came forward but a DNA test proved negative.