A footballer who hung his boots this year is now selling sweets in Bulawayo. Golden Munandi, says he is doing well and has managed to buy a blue VW Polo.

“I used to be a laughing stock in the society. Some people questioned why I had ventured into the business of selling chocolate sweets. However, that did not dampen my spirits. While from football I only got fame, friends without fortune courtesy of my sweet vending venture I managed to buy a car three weeks ago.

“I personally believe in hard work, a doctrine that I adopted when I was young. I go to Zaoga Church where we are continuously taught to work using our hands. My challenge to footballers is that even if their legs can still carry them, they should consider venturing into different businesses. Even if it means selling tomatoes, they should not be shy what society will say about them. For the past 18 years, I enjoyed playing local football. I was so nomadic all in search of greener pastures,” Munandi (35) a former FC Platinum, Caps United, Black Rhinos, Triangle, Border Strikers and Zimbabwe Saints player, told B Metro.