A couple separated for 10 months has become the first in the world to get married over Zoom from different countries.

Scott Marmon, 32, from New York, and Augustina Montefiori, 28, from Argentina, have been together since meeting in Denver in May 2017, but they have been apart for the past year after Augustina returned to Buenos Aires.

In January, Scott proposed marriage to Augustina when he went to visit her before going back to the States. He had been planning to move to Argentina again in March before borders were shut to enforce lockdown.

The pair got married last week via video call in a 19-hour ceremony. They were granted a marriage licence to wed online by the state of Utah, before tying the knot 6,000 miles apart in front of a judge in Utah, and their family and friends.

He is now able to apply for a family reunification visa - costing £650 - and then they can then be reunited.